Dear you,

You are bigger than the stories you tell yourself. You are smarter and kinder, more resilient, and infinitely more capable. 

Next time you catch yourself silently criticizing yourself, telling yourself you’re not worthy or capable or strong enough—or whatever other story your brain cooks up, stop. Just notice what you’re doing.

Then remind yourself that you are not these stories…because you’re really not. 

A close-up of beautiful yellow dandelions

Imagine what you would say to a friend in your situation, whatever it happens to be. You would tell them they’re wonderful and brilliant. You’d say that no matter what they’re going through they can handle it, that you have complete faith in their abilities, and that you’ll always be there for them. 

Focus on that story. Consciously choose it for yourself. Allow it to replace the old ones. It can be just as true for you as it is for someone else. 



Love, me